Dizzy Pig Website Icons


Hand-Drawn Icons

Dizzy Pig's spice blends are made by hand in small batches and bottled in Manassas, Virginia. The process inspired this first set of icons to be carefully drafted and drawn. These icons exist in two different areas on the website. The first batch is on the footer. They answer a few of the most frequently asked customer questions, "are the spices gluten free? natural? low in salt?." The others visually support the website page explaining how the spices are made. I had a great time creating this first set of icons as there is nothing else like them (just like Dizzy Pig's spices). 

Bold & Clean Icons

The second batch of icons was created to visually support written content on the store, cooking classes, and event pages.

Linear Icons

The final set of icons represent categories of content found on the website from news to recipes and spices to events. These icons are found in the FAQs, Search, Media Kit, and News pages.

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